Sauerkraut and a Bathrobe

Ice Crystals in the Field

It is the day after the winter solstice and we are spinning back toward the light.  Here at Mellonia we a have a forested ridge to the south of our house.  This time of year we loose the sun on the house at about 2:30, from that moment on no matter how sunny and warm the day is, the chill has set in and instantly moves any of my activities to a sunnier location or inside.  This has been especially true this last month when things have been crystal, clear and cold.  I always like to think about how the days are getting longer again, but for some reason with winter just beginning it always feels like it takes more time to get out of the short days than it did to get here.

All the holidays of this season I believe stem from the solstice and I love all the candles and light that fills our homes no matter what our particular traditions are.  Despite this Christmas, dominates our culture, and so the story I have to share is a Christmas story.  

I just received an e-mail from someone who had visited us a the market this summer.  Her two daughters loved the krauts we made with lemons, the lemon kraut girls she called them.  She was contacting me because her girls had both requested a big jar of sauerkraut, her seven year old asked for a bathrobe and sauerkraut.  This warmed my fermenters heart, as it is the closest I will ever get to a Dear Santa letter.  We made big jars and personalized labels.  

Last night I heard a celtic blessing that is spoken as the Christmas candles are lit.  It is simple, and simply the most we can hope for.

“May we all be alive this time next year.”
Go mbeire muid beo ar an am seo aris!