Get on your Fiery Ferment! Recipe Contest

Fermentista.kitchen_pepper trials

Are you a hot and spicy aficionado—also affectionately known as a hot head? Do you love to experiment with lacto fermentation recipes? Have you dreamed of seeing your name in print? (This might not quite be your 15 minutes of fame but still a nod to your culinary prowess.) Are we talking to you? If so, please read on. If not, please skip the next two paragraphs and then continue reading. 

We are working on our second cookbook dedicated entirely to fermenting the pungent, the hot, the spirited, and the fierce flavors of fiery ferments. The test kitchen (or mad scientist fermentation lab) has piquant flavors bubbling in jars and crocks that line the counter. In those vessels there are ingredients you may never have heard of like Long Pepper (Piper Longum) or Grains of Garadise.

We are having so much fun we thought you might like to too. Submit to us your spicy ferment recipe by July 1, 2015. We will make each of the recipes sent in and choose one to print in our new cookbook (in development). This winner will also get a signed copy of the book when it comes out. So get on your hot fermentista and send us your recipes.

If you are someone that likes to ferment quietly without the fame or the pressure of creating a brand new recipe we are also gathering a community of recipe testers. You will be the first to see some of our new creations and have a chance to give us your feedback.  Here is how it works: you let us know you are interested, we will put you on the list, and then send you a ferment or ferment and meal recipe in August.