Fermenting Finger Limes

Finger limes FermentWorks

This might feel like an esoteric post as first question is likely—what are finger limes? And in all honesty it is a bit esoteric but I do want you to look out for these limes if you love to experiment with fermentation flavor. Australian finger limes are just starting to show up in US markets and are often described as lime caviar, which is a surprisingly accurate description and exactly what makes them an exciting ferment ingredient.

When squeezed little tapioca like pearls (or caviar like fish eggs) spill out of the lime. Whenyou bite into them the erupt little bursts of limey goodness. They stay whole through fermentation so the lime isn't lost in the acidity developed by the lactobacillus. This means the ferment is double as exciting in flavor. There is the wonderful funky acidity of the now fermented vegetable combined with extra lime flavor pops.

I love simple fermented red onion relish and thought this would be the perfect medium for trying out these limes. This little experiment did not disappoint—one red onion, 3 finger limes, a pinch of salt and time. I haven't developed this into a specific recipe but it really was that simple. So if you happen upon a curious little collection of citrus like I did pick a few up and play with your food. 

Notice the little lime baubles in this Fermented Finger Lime Relish

Notice the little lime baubles in this Fermented Finger Lime Relish