Help us launch Fiery Ferments!

Fiery Ferment Pre-sale Lauch

Here we are, finally! Only one month away from the release of our new book Fiery Ferments. For those of you who have been along with us on this journey you probably feel like us in that it has felt like a long time coming. It is quite a process from idea (fall 2014), to blank page (April 2015), to manuscript (Jan 2016) and then a beautiful, colorful book that is full of flavor (May 2017) and the book tour. (Please come say hi if we are coming to a venue near you! If not, keep reading…)

So this little timeline of hard work and burned tongues really comes to fruition on one day—the release date. It makes all the difference in the world to the future our little book if May 30 shines with sales because you see, pre-sales all land on that one day. All this to say pre-sales are really big deal to us. So we want to make it a really big deal for you too.

Now for those of you that think you don’t like hot, spicy food don’t turn away yet. It is full of every level of flavor and most recipes can even be dialed up or down depending on your palate.

Here’s what we have in mind.

Fan. Pre-order one copy of Fiery Ferments from anywhere you love to order books—your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, Powells—it doesn’t matter.  Email us a picture of your receipt dated before May 30 (and this includes those of you who have already ordered a book) and we’ll email you a PDF we’ve created that includes three bonus recipes (not in the book and not available on the website).

Friends and Family.  (A chance to buy gifts early.) Pre-order 3 or more copies and we will mail you signed bookplates for each copy and of course the bonus recipes.

Fermentation Book Club. We have heard of folks who have had a fermentation book club around our first book. Everybody ferments a different recipe and then they swap—like a cook exchange but probiotic. If this sounds fun, we thought we could make it more fun. If you and a group of friends orders 5 or more copies we will set up a 30 minute Skype call with the whole group. We can chat about hot sauce, answer your questions, give a private demonstration on how to make hot sauce, tell bad jokes, really its up to the group. And you can see where this is going…plus the above incentives.

All bonus materials will be sent out the week of May 22.  Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel would be interested and most importantly, thank you. Your interest, your support, your successes keep us at it.