Fermenting at Mellonia Farm

We host a variety of intimate hands-on classes  on our homestead. We deep dive into fermentation and its many forms. Some of our classes focus primarily on process—all the art, science and techniques you need to ferment any vegetable into a variety of probiotic salads, condiments, and beverages. In other classes we go deeper into the effect that fermented foods have on our health and mood by exploring how the brain and gut are inextricably connected. In these classes we spend time both in nature, around the table learning (and eating) as well as learning to make these foods. We have just added local classes aimed at fermentation as preservation. Our BYOV (Bring Your Own Vegetables) classes are a chance to work with us in our fermentation kitchen to preserve your garden bounty the most nutritious (and delicious) way possible. This fall we are opening the kitchen on September 8, 2018 and October 6, 2018.

 While we have some great new classes planned we haven't finalized the dates. 

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Here is a little more general information about our classes. You will learn how to ferment vegetables using various techniques from around the world. We will go through and taste ferment experiments in our fermenting cave. We concentrate on technique and flavor and of course what is going on—in the ferment and in our bodies. We get our ingredients from our gardens or a local organic farm (that happens to run a small on-farm fermentory.) The spring class takes us outside for a little wild food foraging along the creek. The class includes lunches every day that are made together allowing another opportunity for you to immerse yourself in fermentation. Students have access to our library and the many journal papers and studies we have printed out.

For out of town students we can offer our field for camping for those that want to pitch a tent and enjoy the rustic amenities—composting toilet, solar shower, a beautiful creek and goats in the next field. Other staying options include some wonderful choices nearby historic Jacksonville and Airbnb in the Applegate Valley.