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In miso, TemPeh, Natto & other Tasty ferments…

we teach you the how and why of fermenting with legumes and grains for foods that are not only full of flavor but healthful for both you and our planet. In this book we invite you to explore these types of ferments in both traditional and completely new ways. You will enjoy this book whether you want to make the ferments or just learn how to cook with them. In this Sneak Peek we invite into our home where we share some stories and show you how to make two of the recipes within the pages, so you can get started while you wait for your copy to arrive.

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It means a lot to authors like us when you pre-order our book. Your orders help store buyers, libraries, and others decide to also stock our books. Because you helped us out by buying your book early we want give something to you in return. We have put together a series of three videos as a gift for you while you wait. The first is a conversation with us, the second is a recipe for miso, and the third a recipe to make energy bites with natto. Each of the recipes you can make and enjoy before you dive into the whole book. 

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