Fermented Tomatoes with white "mold"


I have two fermenting quart jars going on right now. One has habanero peppers and garlic, while the other has tomatoes, carrots and squash in it. They both have air locks on them. My question is, the one with tomatoes is getting like a white mold at the top and when the jar is tilted the white "mold?" is seen in the head space.
Is this normal or is this bad? Why only the one with vegetables. The first photo the jar is tilted on the second photo under comments to jar is level. Your opinions PLEASE.....


The good news is this is not mold. It is s kahm yeast and harmless. I would leave it alone until you are ready to put your ferment in the fridge. At that point spoon it off as best as you can and put the ferment in a new jar with as little air-space as possible—this should solve it. As far as why, well it happens and tomatoes and other sugar-filled vegetables are prone to it. Nothing you did.